Sharon Borkowski, DC, ND, LMT
Pathways to Health & Wellness, LLC
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Radical Self Care Workshop for Women

What if you simply just devoted this year to loving yourself more?
Join us:
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 10am-12pm
Donna Bailey, MSc
Donna's Big Red Chair
(510) 817-4242

Are you on overload and just feeling tired of being tired?

Wondering what’s wrong with you? Concerned about your health?


Would you just like to have some time for yourself to sit back, recharge and have some fun...AND not feel guilty about it??

You are NOT alone!

And, if you join Donna Bailey and Dr. Borkowski on Saturday morning, Saturday, February 1, 2020 from 10am-12 noon, you’ll leave breathing easier with a smile on your face

Do you ever ask yourself why you don’t take better care of yourself?

What you can do when there’s just no time?


We are beautiful giving, caring women who learn to always put other first. Forgetting that when the Golden Rule says, “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself” know, the “yourself”part!


Research shows that 90% of all visits to doctors are for stress-related illnesses. What is missing is answers to questions like, “How can I be a mom, take care of my parents, serve others, make a living…and find the time to take care of ME??”


It’s Time for Some Radical Self-Caring, Ladies!


You’ll learn simple yet powerful ways to reduce stress and improve your health.  You will also learn to remove the roadblocks and old messages that are keeping you from caring for the wonderful, deserving woman that you are.

You’ll discover you’re NOT ALONE. Learn from each other techniques that work, and from Dr. Sharon and Donna, ways to balance your health and life to feel healthier and happier.


To register, click on the link

Cost: $30.00

This includes information to take home that will support you in your commitment to changes you’ll be making.


We will hold a drawing for free products and services from our sponsors.

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