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  • Dr. Sharon Borkowski

NEVER Eat these 5 Foods when you are feeling ill, DO THIS instead...

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

#1 Refined Sugar and Other Simple Carbohydrates: Bacteria love sugar. So when you have a cold, it’s best to starve off invading bacteria by cutting off their sugar supply. And the best way to do that is to completely remove refined sugar from your diet. Simple carbohydrates convert quickly to sugar, so although they are typically comfort foods, stay clear when you feel like you are coming down with an illness.

#2 Junk Food & Grains: Junk foods like processed cake, cookies, chips, and other packaged foods are full of trans fats and sugars that increase inflammation, make you feel bad, and delay your healing; yes, this includes chocolate, which contains caffeine and may be stimulating when what you really need is to rest and get some good quality sleep. Grains are a controversial food as some say they are a health food. Unfortunately, they are inflammatory to the body and should be avoided, most especially when you feel ill.

#3 Canned Soup: Most canned soups are not good for you. Despite your mom’s advice to eat chicken soup (which is good advice), canned soups are high in sugars and artificial flavors. If you’re able, make your own chicken soups or pick up organic bone broths from your local health food store.

#4 Dairy Foods: they tend to increase phlegm which can be food for bacteria.

#5 Alcohol: you should stay away from alcohol when you’re under the weather. it may seem like a good thing to help you get some sleep, but alcohol can dehydrate you and helps that nasty bugs flourish.

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