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Foundational Assessment

This is a one-time investment of $795 which includes 2 appointments (1 initial exam  & lab review, 2 treatment plan discussion) with Dr. Borkowski, a lab review of advanced biomarker testing, a meet-and-greet with our therapist, & our integrative 8-part health plan that provides a 360 strategy for optimal living.  Once you have completed the foundational assessment, you are eligible for our rewards program.

  • Functional Health Evaluation

  • Lab Review - Advanced Biomarker Testing: in-depth diagnostic panel measuring inflammation, nutrient status, expanded thyroid assessment, heart health, cholesterol and more

  • an introductory meeting/assessment with our therapist (optional)

  • Extended appointment with Dr. Borkowski

  • Integrative 8-Part Health Plan

  • Various payment options including HSA/FSA; super-bill provided to submit for possible insurance reimbursement

Rewards Program

Our rewards program is a prepayment savings for those who have completed the Foundational Assessment and who would like to continue to benefit from our education, cost savings and services at Pathways to Health & Wellness.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing *additional cost

  • 4-8 Office visits with Dr. Borkowski

  • Extended appointment times

  • 8-12 Health coaching sessions

  • Discounts on supplements

  • Virtual visits

* Advanced Testing cost ranges from $2100 to $3500 depending on need

** our treatment programs range from 3-12 months (cost varies accordingly)

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